Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Tilly's t-shirt for Threadless. Go vote (again)!

Hey, so I have finally done a T-Shirt for Threadless, it was good timing for the 50th anniversary my Space Hoopers, seen below. Go vote for my design, it would be ace to have it printed! tar muchly.

**Update** Lots of people asked to see a closer version of the T-Shirt so I resubmitted it, so I had to start from scratch with votes, so please pop over HERE and click *5* for me again. Thanks very muchly!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Running For Crayons - Space Hoppers

Something I have been working on lately

Creative Review and a 99p with Quentin

Creative Review just ran a little quick competition on Twitter - to tell or twitpic/draw them an illustration-themed lie; mine was 'I spend the summer in Bognor with Quentin and a 99p with a flake'. It didn't win but I did only have 15 minutes, I wish this wasn't a lie I'd love to have Quentin as a chum.