Saturday, 15 January 2011

Oh yes please, these will be mine.

What a fine pair of shoes! I can't quite get over how amazing they are, I was trying hard to just show one pair on this blog but I loved so many I had to make a selection. The whole ethos of the company is brilliant, using fair trade materials; the soles are made from used tires! Love that. Go have a gander.

I found these babies via this ace sweet blog. Kempt has a beautiful writing voice and great taste, another place to get lost in for hours with a nice cup of tea.


  1. those are pretty damn cool I love the grey pair and I also like that they are fair trade because they are pretty ( a lot of fair trade isn't to be honest) which ones do you want to get?

  2. Oh, oh, they are ace. I can't pick a fave.

    Emily x

  3. There awesome aren't they! Once the dreaded tax man is paid I shall have to make a purchase, I'm madly in love with the black/gold ones but oh the grey boots. God knows, I might end up flipping a coin!